Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


Welcome to the Woven Labyrinth!

This blog is a place where I want to record some of my Journey as a training Priestess of the Goddess. I am a student in the First Spiral of the Priestess of Avalon Training in Glastonbury. The call of the Goddess has been with me all of my life and last year I decided that this training was calling to me aswell. September last year I yearned for it but it seemed impossible.

As I walked home from work, along the beach, with the violet light of dusk illuminating the lighthouse in the distance, I prayed to Her: "Please find a way for me to do this training...?" I faced two problems. The first was a lack of money and being in a place where I could not justify it to myself. The second was that my partner at the time did not approve of it at all and told me I could not do it.

Both problems were swiftly solved come November. The relationship ceased to be, meaning that I was free to decide what I wanted to do with me life, and also that with less rent to pay in my new home a tidy sum was left over from my student loan. I noticed this sum during the summer of this year and it dawned on me that as well as my freedom, I had this money.

I thought to myself - I could get driving lessons, visit Egypt, or save it for when I am looking for a job. But I just knew. I had to give myself permission to do something amazing for myself. She stood there with Her hand outstretched. All I had to do was reach out for Her, to choose Her. I had the option to say no, and do the 'sensible' thing; but I chose to give my life some meaning, purpose and magic instead (keeping mind that I would also work hard to maintain a living amongst this expenditure). I knew it was meant for the training and as my friend, and circle sister offered to accompany and drive me it was all possible.

So I found  myself in the Goddess Hall. It was real. It really is happening! *pinch myself* To become Her Priestess is to devote your life to Her and surrender to Her will. This is a really important thing to realise because once you say "yes", you've said it!

And so I started this blog to share some thoughts with you as I Journey. I cannot share details about the training, but I would like to share some information and experiences that can be inspiring and helpful.

Avalon Blessings to you!

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