Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Journey with the Dark Goddess: Cerridwen & Samhain

I have spoken on blogs and youtube videos over the last year about my Journey with the Dark Goddess during the end of 2014 and throughout 2015. It is a painful story that in some way made it possible for me to embark on this training. Samhain was our ffirst, First Spiral weekend and naturally a key theme was dismissing what no longer serves and bringing ourselves into a new life.Part of this experience was based on reflection. Some people would be meeting the Dark Goddess this Samhain, starting their Journey, whereas I felt like I had already been upon it and was continuing to work with Her to see what remained of my trials.

Art by Tiana
I realised that for me, the threads had not yet been cut. I had not released the burden. I had not met closure. And so I held on still, but that which no longer served me and that which still throbbed with pain in my heart. This weekend I took note that it was this reluctance to let go that held me back. I was trying to climb out of the tunnel of the Underworld with a huge bundle of baggage on my back. I wouldn't give my burden to Her, for Her to sever the threads. She was simply waiting for me to do so, and until I did, I'd sit at the bottom of the tunnel.

All of our past experiences go into Her cauldron. In order to change things in our lives, we must put them in the cauldron to transform - nothing just disappears; instead it transfigures and evolves. I had to put my bad experiences into the cauldron, let them go from my present, and change them for my future. Even now (writing in January) this is still in effect.

Jane Meredith wrote in her Journey to the Dark Goddess, 
 "She asks that we notice Her existence and regularly express Her energy, so that it does not build as if behind a great dam that will one day burst horribly."

I accept this to be true. So writing this months on from that weekend I know that my time with Cerridwen is never really done for the season. It continues. The Dark Goddess is surrender. She is not comfortable. She is challenging and frightening. She is just as must life as She is death. She is a fact and Her scythe is a gift. Her release, Her unburdening, Her transformation, as hard as they may be, result in new beginnings and rejuvination. 

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