Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Stillness with Danu

 Last year Samhain brought difficult challenges to face that required direct action; Yule was completely missed by me then. This year I have been in a better emotional place and through doing the training I have been able to focus on observing the season. This time, as with Samhain, I’ve had lots of introspective lessons. 

 Danu Altar

This training weekend I had pestering negative thoughts crop up. Most of the time it was a reflection of my own feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. It was me projecting my feelings onto others. Identifying this was the first step. It made me feel frustrated and ashamed, but I had to confront it. I found competitiveness come up too. This was to compensate for my low sense of self-worth: I need to prove myself; however, this being said, I know that it is not the desire to be the best, better than others, and centre of attention: It is the desire to be noticed at all, and reassured that I am worth something. Again I had to realise this before I can heal these wounds.
Walking in Her Landscape 
By the end of the weekend, after an absolutely gorgeous walk - with a stunning view of the Tor and moon in the distance, over a lake at dusk - I left feeling good. I had felt really, really low, but the realisations and the walk began to the healing. 
I learnt that I definitely project my own bad feelings and ideas onto others and that had to stop.
I learnt that if someone else does something amazing, even if it's better than what I did (and that's subjective anyway) that just means I've had the privelidge to witness it, take part or enjoy it too! If others shine, bask in the brightness!
I learnt the beautiful power of compliments. It feels so nice to recieve them. It feels even better to see someone light up when you give one!
I learnt that I would need to go into myself to dig up what no longer serves me; that this would be uncomfortable and I would probably have lots of tantrums and panicky moments; but that this was necessary. I realised that if I wanted to truly be a Priestess of the Goddess I needed to lose this petty childish attitude that was not really a reflection of any truth. She made me face it this weekend so I could begin to release it. 

Solitary Danu Ceremony 
Beyond the weekend, the season of Danu was still and restful. I had a wonderful birthday, and spent a lot of time crocheting a blanket. I rested, and planned for the upcoming year.

She gave me time to be still.

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