Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Face to Face with My Power

I shared this post with my Spiral Sisters, Brothers and Teachers today, and I wanted to record this feeling that I had on here also. It is a part of my Journey with Artha, Goddess of my Inner Power.
When I see these photos I really accept my own power. This is me at World Goddess Day 2015, dressed as the Goddess Kali. This is me embracing that side of me that wasn't allowed to exist before 2015. This is my wild nature, my aggression, my sexuality, my pleasure-seeking, brave and un-intimidated self. And She resurfaced because Goddess stripped me bare and forcefully confiscated the destructive things in my life that stopped me from becoming myself, and Her Priestess.
She surrounded me with powerful women who supported and loved me, and did not reject this other side of me. In perfect synchronicity She presented a Goddess-loving man at the right time, who enflamed this Goddess within. I am so greatful to Her, and to these woman and this man. And I am greatful to myself, for surrendering and giving myself permission to be free, wild and truly myself. I feel like these are photos that express that time of darkness and power. I carry this side with me, and join her with my power in the light also. For I am Owl-Face with Her talons, as well as Flower-Face with Her hawthorn buds. 

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