Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Finding Power

The Power to Create and Change

The weekend and this season is focused on my own personal power. This was reflected in the wand that I made. I chose a chunky, awkward piece of driftwood. I don't know why I chose this one, as I looked at other people's delicate, pretty choices. I didn't really like it as I held it during the weekend. I took it home to finish decorating and I had the power to transform something ordinary into something beautiful. I have found this creative power in myself recently and have been making more and more things that I never had faith I could do before.

I have also recognised my power to change. Everything She touches changes. Every person we come into contact with changes us somehow, and we change them. I have this this effect in my own life, in ways that I feel are more empowering if I do not share them here. But they are deeply significant in life's journey.

Meeting Beron-Artha

Recently my partner and I decided to go for a hike up the mountain where we live. We chose a familiar route up and engaged with our inner wildness by exploring off the path (responsibly). We decided to go up further and soon I had decided, with a toothy grin I wanted to reach the top if possible.
It was magickal ascending into the landscape that rarely saw other people. We got pretty high but had to stop for safety reasons. It began to rain so we decided to walk down a road we had just discovered, thinking that the road would surely bring us back to civilisation. Unfortunately it seemed to be taking us very, very slowely down and in the opposite direction of home. In the rain we decided to take the woodland track that descended in the direction we wanted. So long as we stuck to a path and headed downwards we should be ok.
We descended through the thick, dark, pine forest, and whilst it was a tad scary it was wild! I've always gazed into such woods longing to be under the trees in the dark. Today it was like being truly inside Her body, at Her centre, in Her untouched world. I felt the Bear all around, the wild and the ancient beneath those trees in the rain. The trees were old, some twisted and leafless covered in moss. The hiss of rain and hail rattled on the ground as we followed the old path. We were watched by Her as we passed through. I remember a particular spot that had the energy of an underground Temple, guarded by Fae; we were too anxious at this point to take our time soaking it in.
Eventually we did get back, but it was nervewracking, especially with the rain and hail that assaulted us. But this wildness, of the mountain forest and of our decision to break the rules and explore, was exhilerating.
As a child we follow the paths of our parents, gazing into the unexplored paths that look inviting and mysterious. As teenagers we long to break against this following, wishing to go our own way, and may do so irresponsibly. As adults we have the freedom to follow our own path, and (hopefully) the knowledge to do so responsibly. With the latter then, we also need to remember our younger selves and add just that extra dash of exploration, wildness and excitement.

I have learnt that in order to really feel power, power needs something to push against. How can I feel powerful if no effort is being made, no action taking place, nothing to spend my energy on? To feel powerful to do act, to do something, to manifest. We feel powerful when we achieve something, especially when it is hard. When trying to connect to our inner power therefore, we cannot hope to do so just sitting and meditating about it. We need to decide to do something, and then to do it.

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