Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Into the Temple

On the 22nd April we visited Bath and the Temple of Sulis. I was rather emotional as I woke on the Journey and found myself in England. I miss home. I feel like I belong there in a way that I do not feel here in Wales. I wish to move to the West Country and Somerset and so I felt this longing as we arrived first at Dyrham Park.
At the park we saw wild Deer who at this season are rutting and shedding their horns. It was magical to see these animals in their freedom.

In the entrance of the Roman Baths is a huge poster that says 'the Goddess awaits you' and it sent chills down my spine. I found it moving that in this place so many tourists come to learn about the Goddess.
Again, I was emotional as I went through, anticipating meeting Her in Her temple.  Seeing the steam rise from the surface, the blend of orange mineral deposits, the green water, the flaming braziers and the patter of rain on the pool was intoxicating. I wish I could have been there alone - or better yet, with a circle of Priestesses singing Her name around the pool. I soaked in what I could with the time we had and the many people around.
I wanted to come to a central place to meet Her, like a darkened room, a silent chapel, an illuminated sculpture. The sacred spring where the warm water rises from the earth is not accessible, but it can be viewed from windows. I looked longingly at the water, which today contains a bacteria harmful to humans, and so has an eerie danger to it; rather than acting as a threat, it seemed to me to represent a powerful reverance of the water, to respect it, despite longing to touch Her.
At the end of the museum there is a running tap with Her purified water that you can drink from. The water tasted like the Red Spring in Avalon, although maybe more sulphorous and a little less like blood; but this was warm like Her life blood.This natural warmth was so bizarre in addition to the iron taste. I had not truly appreciated ho wlike blood Sulis' waters were. It was incredible.
It occured to me that this is the first ancient Goddess Temple I have ever been too. I have seen Her ancient statues, been to ancestral burial places and been in modern Temples. But this was ancient and ongoing in Her worship, albeit in a different way today. Sulis has definitely made an impression on me. I especially loved reading how it was believed that the sun set into the sea and warmed the water, thus aligning this watery Goddess with the sun - something I'd seen as odd before. In fact, this actually rather reminds me of the Summer Solstice, where the sun is at its zenith and where we honour the Mother of Water.

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