Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Accepting Self

This is a short and simple post, but one that holds significance to me.

In the June Red Tent we shared our answers to the question, 'When have we felt connected to the Divine Feminine in our lives?' It took me a while to really get to the core of my answer, but then I came to a story I shared on here about being nude in front of others.

Something clicked in my mind then. I realised that in that moment of vulnerability, being naked, trusting and being guided by those older women, I felt the Goddess with me, and I felt like a Maiden. I did not go into the pool feigning confidence at the sexy lover Goddess archetype. I went in as a young woman, frightened and shy. 

In that moment I accepted my youth and recognised how during this training I have started to empower my inner Maiden. I recall this from that Bridie weekend, and from the Wild Maiden of Ostara. Accepting this Maiden is accepting an important part of myself, and this has allowed me to be who I am. Being genuinely me, made me feel feminine and connected me to the Goddess.

Being our true selves, naked and bared to Her, not fighting or denying any part of us connects us to Her, because it is our natural self and She is Nature.

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