Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

She is wild and free like the sea...

Domnu is the Mermaid Goddess, Queen of the raging seas and undine of the quiet streams. She is wild and untameable, unforgiving in the harrowing storms that pull ships beneath the black surface. She is sensual like the undulating waves on the seashore and the meandering rivers curving into the earth.

Domnu holds up the mirror for us to gaze into, to admire our own reflection, as well as to come face to face with what we truly fear: ourselves. The mermaid is fearless, wild and free, exploring the fast ocean. Domnu's archetype rests in the position between the Lover and the Mother. She is the independent young woman, who knows what She wants and is going out to get it. She offers Her love and affection, but do not think you can claim Her and keep Her on the shore. She will drag you under. The mermaid may appear beautiful and alluring above the water, but remember Her wild side, Her animal side that is hidden beyond the surface of what you can see, below in the water.

These last few blog posts have been leading up to Domnu's true nature, and Her nature within me. I see Her swimming in the sea, beautiful, fierce, free and wild. I long to follow Her Siren's song, but I fear trespassing into that sea, to the unknown. What if it is too cold? What if I am hurt by something? What if the tide carries me away? What if I drown?

I over-think everything, anticipating the worst, feeling the need to be organised and in control, fearing going wrong somewhere. This prevents spontaneity in my life, and I feel that spontaneity is one of the keys to being wild. I am trying to control Domnu's tides in my life, rather than rock with Her flow.

On the 16th I decided to stop waiting for the ideal sunny day to go into the sea. The worst that could happen is that it would be cold and I could warm up in the car after. So I motivated myself to go in. It felt very close to backing out. It wasn't ideal. It wasn't the perfect day to do this. But once I was in and used to the cold I felt empowered to have been daring enough to do it!

On the 18th we returned to the beach at sunset. I was anxious that we'd missed the gorgeous sunshine before we even got there. But it was perfect! The orange sunset light stretched across the water, meeting the silver glow of the full moon. I took photos of the beauty and went for a proper swim. I felt so blessed! I said to Her, 'thank you for my life' and never have I said those words and meant it so much. These moments make life so worth living.

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