Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Facing the Dark Mother

It may seem odd to psot about this during the time of the Lammas Mother, but I post it now because it is about looking forward, to the future months, and seeing what awaits.

Art by Tiana Pitman

People, myself included, dread entering the cauldron. We fear the Dark Mother's face. We fear pain and loss. If we are able to see Her coming for us again, after working so hard to emerge anew from the underworld, our heart sinks. We don't want to see Her again, especially not this soon! I see Her at the end of the corridor extending Her hand to me. I know it's coming this time. This time I'm listening to her. I'm watching.

I know that whatever may come is a lesson. I know it will bring me to a better point in life.  I also know that this is a consequence of a choice I made. I chose to change my life around. I chose to move away, on my own, to follow the Goddess rather than my career. Such decisions do not come lightly.

It dawned on me however, that when I was in the cauldron last year She never caused me harm. Entering Her cauldron was necessary, even essential. And She was there for me. She held me. She surrounded me with love and friends, and a roof over my head. Despite the pain I was feeling, the sadness and the hard situation She brought me nothing but love.

So when I see Her approaching I need to remember that this means I have a friend. This means the Goddess is will me and will hold my hand in the dark. Even if I am afraid, this offers me courage, to know I won't be on my own.


  1. Its been an amazing journey watching you grow within your goddess and I thank you so much for sharing it with so many of us...your blessings are endless...)0(

    1. Thank you for being with me on the journey! xx