Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Following Her Footprints in the Land

I have expressed fears about leaving this land, not serving as Her Priestess here and instead going to a land abundant in Priestesses.
Erin said, "You are deepening your training so that you can come back and lead..."
Sian helped me to understand that I will revisit these lands and so am not leaving forever. I can try to connect these places to each other and see them as a part of the whole. I have Priestessed here and made memories and connection; these will travel with me. The energies I raised in Wales will remain in the memory of the land. I touched that place, however small.

I was born at a time and place where I could play outside. I played in lightning struck trees, gardens, tall growing fields, in parks and by streams. I found nature wherever I could and I learnt Her body, even if I didn’t know that yet.

I was taken on holiday to explore the wilderness of mid-Wales as a teenager. I soaked up the dense green views, the rushing of waterfalls and misty air. I took in the massive views and reveled in the feeling of it just being me and Her.

I moved to South Wales after that, resting in Her coastland, with its woodlands, rivers, ancient caves and ancestral sites. Just by standing on that land, I felt proud and greatful to live there. In this land my spiritual power flowered. I met like-minded people, I grew in confidence and taught and learned. We celebrated Goddess together and we wove Her energy there. Here I was connected to people who spoke of the wonders of Glastonbury, and in turn I met Priestesses and Priests of Avalon, and their tradition.

My time there came to a close and I pray that all we did there does not get forgotten. I pray that when we all leave it will be left in capable hands, that Her land will vibrate with Her name. Gwyr...

She brought me to the mountains next, to Wild Mountain Woman. This was a place where I would learn Her ways independently. I had less time with Her but the impression was strong and distinct. I learnt how each landscape has its own Goddess in the land; some call for joyous celebration and recognition. Others recline back into the land and greet you as you pass by. As a Priestess it is not always my role to initiate temples, ceremonies and traditions. Sometimes my role will be to recognise Her, to communicate just between the two of Us.

I have been feeling guilty about abandoning Gwyr, with little certainty that She will be remembered. I've felt guilty about leaving Wild Mountain Woman, so soon, before I really explored Her mysteries. Sisters have said perhaps I will return to my land; but where really is MY land?

Now Goddess moves me back to England. She calls me to the Isle of Avalon. This is neither prehistoric sea-shore, or wild mountain land, but cultivated fields, countryside and in Glastonbury intense human energy! The feeling that I am getting right now is that I am going to live on the land of Priestesses, where I will train and learn Her ways. Perhaps from there I will move on again, to another learning point, or maybe to the place where I have been trained to Priestess and share Her memory.

I am going to the Isle of Priestesses. The Lady of Avalon will train me as a Priestess and I am sure that I will move on after that to another place that needs a Priestess. She is leading me on a journey and I am following Her call. She has a plan for me.

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