Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Queen of my Realm

Since entering Banbha's season I have felt a surge of personal power. Our dedication as Sisters/Brothers of Avalon fell at this time and I chose to dedicate in an outfit which represented my power. I wore a black feathered collar, wild tangled hair and white tribal face paint; this made my ancient soul visible, and my Sisters and Brothers see another side to me that has not necessarily been visible during this spiral.

I also applied for a job in the Goddess House and was successful. This is a job that requires energy, organisation, creativity, authority and empathy. It is a big responsibility and challenge and an old part of myself rose up. I felt that fire ignite within me, telling me that this was something I really wanted.
I have been touched by the kindness of my, now past, co-workers who sent me away with love and a beautiful gift. I was flattered that these people cared about me enough to do this and offer such kind wishes; I genuinely care about them all and this love made me feel confident and determined to succeed in my new adventure.
The night before I left I had a tarot reading from a friend who reaffirmed a lot of things about this new journey, about maintaining balance, moving on and starting a new path... She also offered advice and honesty to me and at the end of the conversation she had managed to fill me with hope and optimism for this change. I felt confident and empowered, determined that I could do this and do it well. I felt truly strong in that moment.
Today I have unpacked my belongings in my new home in Glastonbury. I looked around and thought to myself, I just decided to do something drastic in my life, to make a huge life change, to take a risk of faith and love rather than follow a path of logic and stability. I decided to make this big decision and I fulfilled it by myself. I live here now because I chose to. I have an amazing new job because I was brave enough to go for it. I did this big thing. 
How empowering is that? That I alone was responsible for changing my life completely and doing something I once would have labelled a dream? We are the masters of our world. I am Queen of my Realm. And with the love and support of others I found courage.
With my new job I will need to harness the powers of Banbha, of the Great Queen, of Rhiannon. I will need to be empowered, kind, strong, and motivated. Banbha has brought me a den to find safety over the winter, a safe warm home. I have the security of a job to ground me here and have the confidence and strength to withstand the season ahead.

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