Praise to Hathor!

Praise to Hathor!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Entering the Cauldron Again

Before I came here I was braced for the cauldron. I was expecting things to be challenging, but I could not predict how.
On the surface everything is rather good! I see my boyfriend at least fortnightly, I'm going to a number of interesting events, work is going well, people are supportive, my house is nice... But I have found myself discontent.
I'm experiencing resistance, homesickness and loneliness. Since getting here I've been exposed to a lot of things about this place that I do not like. Why has the Lady brought me here and then shown me things to put me off of it? Had I not have come here I would not have known the things that I don't agree with; it's shown me what I do not want in my path. Coming here has shown me the home that I miss, and previously rejected. Coming here I have to learn more about myself, because I am on my own here.
I am here to learn and to grow as a Priestess. That is the whole point. I may learn what I need to learn here over two years, a year or 6 months! Who knows... And as I've discovered before, we often learn through tough love; it is difficult to break old cycles.

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